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Segmentation and Profiling Tool

Media, Telecommunications

The tool developed for the client enabled them to speed up their planning process and spend more time on strategy and allowed them to segment and analyse their customer base.


The client is a provider of subscription television, internet and mobile services. They have an international reach totalling over 22 million customers and a history of developing innovative products and content.


The client’s Campaigns Team, which develops strategies to send offers for additional products to existing customers, needed a tool to speed up and improve their planning process. To date, one of the client’s bottlenecks has been that the team lacked the skillset to access customer data from their data warehouse. As a result, they had no choice but to go to a technical team to test their ideas about groups of customers to target. With an appropriate tool now in place, the team is now in a position to get insights themselves in seconds, and they are now able to come up with more creative and better targeted strategies.


Proposed solution – A self-serve Tableau tool for quick and easy segmentation of the customer base.

Data – The backbone for the solution is a comprehensive dataset containing a broad range of customer traits including current product holdings, usage of existing products, socio-geographics, and propensity scores for new products and marketing preferences.

Key Drivers – The tool works in two steps. Upon opening the tool, the user will first see a dashboard to select the customer group to be analysed. Afterwards, they can look at a number of interactive summary dashboards that show how the customers might be contacted and what other interesting traits are known about them.

​Dashboard – The selections were made on the first two dashboards. They had slicers grouped by theme (e.g. socio-geographics or reachability) and a counter that showed how many customers were selected. After selecting the group to analyse, the user went to one of the summary dashboards to further analyse the group.


The tool was well-received. It allowed the client to speed up the planning process and spend more time on their strategies rather than trying to get insights from other teams. The tool allows them to segment and analyse their customer base in seconds, allowing them to be more creative and send out comms that are more targeted.

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