COVID-19 Restaurant Industry Impact

The restaurant industry has been impacted greatly by the COVID-19 pandemic. Examine the effect through time on the number of seated diners Year-over-Year (YoY) for a range of countries in this interactive dashboard. A positive YoY percentage indicates a growth in seated diners, and a negative YoY indicates a decline. This data includes all diners from online reservations, phone reservations, and walk-ins at a sample of restaurants from OpenTable.

Explore the differences between countries and date by selecting from the filters on the left-hand side. Pre-set filters showing some interesting insights can be examined by selecting the yellow buttons at the bottom. The furthest right shows how the introduction of schemes such as the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme in the UK that gave a discount to diners on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays in August 2020, boosted growth on these particular days, showing some of the highest growth numbers despite the UK only opening their restaurants again in early July. The highest growth across the dashboard was seen for the UK on the Summer bank holiday on 31st August, with a YoY growth of 216%.

Comparing the impact between countries also gives an insight into how different regions have responded to their restaurants opening again after varying levels of lockdowns. For example, Germany began to reopen their restaurants in mid-May, and quickly returned to relatively ‘normal’ YoY levels. Another country that appeared to have bounced back well was Ireland, where YoY trends showed a large growth before a quick decline again when restrictions were put in place in mid-September. Alternatively, some countries such as the United States, Canada and Mexico have only experienced a YoY decline of diners since reopening (except Canada on the 6th September experienced a 4% YoY growth that was likely due to the Labour Day public holiday in Canada being the day after).

This dashboard is refreshed regularly, so check back here to see how the impact on the restaurant industry from COVID-19 is evolving.

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