Cloud Certifications

Cloud Certifications

Formalising our skillset in response to increased client and market demand, six team members achieved cloud certification this month, with several other consultants currently on their journey to achieving advanced cloud certifications from either AWS, GCP or Azure in the weeks and months to come.

I’d like to congratulate the Forecast team for both formalising some of our existing skillset but also continuing to push our collective knowledge when it comes to cloud-based Data and Analytics solutions.

Cloud proficiency is increasingly important for ‘full stack’ data professionals; it’s a core skill. Having exposure to very isolated sections of the cloud is often not sufficient, as supporting organisations early in their own cloud-journey often involves an element of design and “bigger picture”. Designing and being able to implement cloud-based solutions, often stringing together services, is increasingly important in a world where most analytics does not make it to production or does not end up being accessible by decision makers. While there are many reasons for Data projects falling short on ROI, the correct use of the cloud can alleviate some of the technical barriers.

Paul and Will achieved the advanced Certified Machine Learning Specialty from AWS while Bowen and Guus started their AWS journey by taking the Cloud Practitioner exam.

“The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification introduced me to the world of cloud computing, demonstrating how cloud-based warehouses and services are critical to scaling data-intensive products. The certification helps me tremendously when talking to clients about their own cloud journey.

Bowen Shi 

Two colleagues achieved Professional-level certification on the Google Cloud Platform. Both Allan and Ehab achieved the Professional Data Engineer certification.

“Since joining Forecast I have worked on projects that leverage the Google Cloud Platform. The Professional Data Engineer certification formalised some of my knowledge, but also gave me the opportunity to learn about services I have had little exposure to yet.”

Allan Murray

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