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Providing you with insights to support long-term corporate development

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Capital in practice

We combine our analytical approach with deep industry knowledge and apply a strategic lens to deliver actionable insights.

Industry Reports

Our industry reports provide positioning of key stakeholders and historical/forward market views. We take an analytical research approach to identify key industry trends and stakeholder relationships.

Due Diligence Support

We deliver transaction focused analytical services to a range of clients. Our experience covers investment and tax modelling, research, deal analysis, and post-acquisition optimisation.

Balance Sheet Analysis

To help clients enhance their balance sheet management, we analyse funding alternatives and define their financial impact. This experience used with our financial models creates a powerful combination.

Capital case studies

Case study


Budgeting & Acquisition Model

Case study

Industrial & Utilities, Mining & Resources

Due Diligence Industry Report

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Who we are

Connecting the dots between your data and your success

With offices in the UK, Australia and Canada, we have teams of experts working with clients around the world, wherever you need us.
Whatever size your business is, our hands on team have proven themselves across a variety of industries to fit the individual needs of every client.

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