Izabela Mak

Data Engineer

Izabela is a Data Engineer in Forecast. She has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from Wrocław University of Science and Technology and hold the Masters Degree in the same field of study with a specialization in Data Engineering. Izabela has experience with analytical tools (mainly created in Python), cloud environments (GCP, Azure) and projects related to data analytics and machine learning model development.

Before joining the Forecast team, Iza was working with quality of the ingested data in DXC Technology. She was preparing pipelines and solutions to present the quality of the data, e.g. visualization of the data, and possible sources of problems, if it has appeared. She also worked as Data Analyst Intern in AXA XL.

In her free time, Izabela enjoys reading books, developing her expertise in machine learning and data analysis, practicing yoga and boulder climbing.

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