Case study

Asset Register Dashboards

Property, Technology

Forecast effectively transformed the dashboard of the existing web application according to their guidance, resulting in an engaging user experience marked by improved decision-making, data interaction, visualization, and communication.


Our client offers intuitive mobile & web apps for seamless data capture and validation of Property Asset Registers and Inventories, ensuring efficient, accurate, and stress-free property management.


Our client required us to create an insightful and interactive dashboard for their existing web application, in alignment with the dashboard design guidance previously provided by Forecast.

The key requirements included:

  • New Design with Improved UI Elements – Enhance the dashboard’s design with modern UI/UX principles for a more engaging and user-friendly interface.
  • Overview Section – Introduce a quick-summary section displaying essential metrics like asset count, condition, issues, high-risk items, and inspection times for efficient decision-making.
  • Dashboard Development – Integrated with the existing app code using Angular with API connections to the backend databases.
  • Refined Filtering System – Optimise the filtering system based on UX best practices, simplifying data retrieval, and ensuring seamless user interaction.
  • Interactive Dynamic Charts – Implement dynamic charts with smooth transitions, addressing static chart limitations, and incorporating crucial missing data points.
  • Ability to Export Charts as PDF – Enable exporting charts as PDFs, facilitating data sharing with associated filtering information for improved communication.
  • Responsive Design – Develop a responsive dashboard layout to ensure an optimal user experience on desktops and tablets, catering to most users.


The project commenced with a workshop/scoping session where Forecast collaborated closely with the client to identify essential data outputs and crucial elements of the dashboard. Subsequently, consistent weekly meetings were established to ensure that the development process comprehensively addressed all requirements for the new dashboard.


Forecast achieved a successful outcome by modernising the dashboard design for a user-friendly experience. An Overview section streamlined decision-making with key metrics, optimised filtering enhanced data interaction, dynamic charts enriched visualization, PDF export facilitated communication, and responsive layout ensured accessibility.