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Advanced Analytics

Data Science, Predictive Modelling & Machine Learning Consulting

Extract value from your data. Use your data to enhance your ability to confidently describe, diagnose, predict and shape your business’ performance.

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Core Analytics Capabilities

Our data science capabilities allow us to harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive your business’ performance.

Data Science

We provide commercially focused predictive modelling to deliver improvements in customer analytics, drive operational and business performance, optimise marketing spend and power pricing models.

Decision Automation

We enable your business to make data-driven decisions and to automate the process through the development of data models deploying machine learning, computational logic and optimisation modelling techniques.

Data Strategy

We help organisations to accelerate their analytics maturity and effectiveness, providing a vital and pragmatic bridge between commercial and technical requirements. We work alongside our clients to develop in-house capability, technology platforms and people.

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Personalisation and Segmentation

Customers increasingly expect personalised experiences in their digital interactions.  Recommendation engines can offer tailored suggestions to your users, whether these are Next-Best-Action engines or production recommendations, personalisation drives metrics such as lifetime value, conversion rate or retention.

Customer Analytics

An understanding of your customer base is the basis for value-add commercial decision making.  Better understand and drive value from your customers by studying lifetime value, churn and retention, behavioural propensity, marketing, and personalised experiences.

Marketing Analytics

Optimally investing in sales and marketing for the short and long term is an ongoing challenge for most organisations.  In the context of a broad marketing mix, multi-channel attribution relies on high-quality tracking data.  With interactions covering multiple platforms, the attribution challenge becomes increasingly complex without coherent identification.

Demand Forecasting

Understanding the key drivers of demand for your products and services is critical to running your operation. Effective demand forecasting establishes the foundations for operational optimisation, including pricing strategy, supply-chain and inventory, asset utilisation, and resource rostering.

Pricing Optimisation

Taking control of your pricing strategies enables effective management decision making to respond to changing market behaviour.  Adopting a thorough test and learn mindset allows you to accelerate the adoption of advanced pricing strategies and control product volume/margin mix.

Operational Efficiency and IoT

AI and machine learning allow the automation of tasks and reduce the time invested in operational efficiencies.  By implementing ML technology, organisations can experience benefits such as increased productivity, efficiency, and cost savings.  Increasingly, this will include edge capabilities.

Advanced analytics case studies

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Load Factor Analysis

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Agriculture, Energy

Supply Chain Optimisation

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Your Advanced Analytics experts

Our Advanced Analytics team is a highly experienced team with a diverse skillset and a high degree of focus on driving your organisation’s desired business outcomes. This commercial focus means it’s never analytics for analytics’ sake. The team works in a highly integrated fashion, not only your organisation, but with colleagues in other Forecast service areas to ensure the right end-to-end data solution.


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