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Data Infrastructure

Take control of your data

We engineer a foundation that enables better control over your data landscape.

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Data Infrastructure in practice

We help you capture, consolidate and transform your data, and we develop the infrastructure needed to access your data.

Architecture and Design

Leveraging our expertise in solving complex technology problems, we work with you to understand your current data landscape, challenges, opportunities and objectives. Following our initial Architectural review, we can provide Design services to optimise your current data landscape or develop a new solution to fit your needs.

Engineering and Cloud

Our engineers combine deep experience, an innovative perspective and a pragmatic approach to deliver scalable, high quality and cost-effective results. As a technology-agnostic consultancy we help you determine the best choice and approach to migrate your data workloads to the cloud. This could entail adopting a single provider, multi-cloud or hybrid approach.

The Decima Platform

We understand that managing your data is a journey, and at times a lengthy one. We also know that this can impede your capability to execute with agility. Decima is a fully managed Platform that enables you to place data workloads securely in the cloud. The Decima Platform allows you to take advantage of the knowledge, experience and expertise of our team in order to get the best out of your data.

Your Data Infrastructure experts

Our Data Infrastructure team are experienced Agile practitioners with expertise in Software Development, Engineering and Architecture. They apply this to solve complex data landscape challenges, optimise existing capabilities or to design new architecture for our clients.



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