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Commercial Insights

Financial Modelling, Forecasting & Data Visualisation

Make evidence-based decisions. Understanding your business drivers and making your insights accessible and intuitive are increasingly critical.

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Core Commercial Insights Capabilities

We develop financial models for planning and investment analysis and provide users with critical information using data visualisation.

Business Drivers

We help define, assess and enhance your unique business drivers to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the drivers of your business performance while ensuring that management focus is targeted on the key success factors.

Financial Model Development

We help you to accurately model your business to assess your past performance and predict and optimise your future. We leverage our best practice financial model development experience and tools such as Excel and online calculators to allow you to truly understand your business.

Storytelling with Data

Communication and interpretation of your data is critical to distribute the insights needed to run your business. We use data visualisation software to develop dashboards within our ‘Monitor, Analyse, Detail’ design framework. This allows communication of your data in an appropriate, intuitive, and easily digestible manner by decision makers

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Business Driver Trees

A financial model should always begin with a critical assessment of the key drivers of your business. We help you to map the drivers of volume, revenue, costs, and other elements to ensure the model accurately reflects your industry and business.

Budget & Forecasting

A robust integrated financial model is a core tool for your budgeting and planning process. We will work with you develop your forecasting model, often integrating historic data to provide a rolling actual-forecast with 3-way financial statements.

Operations Modelling

A well structured and dynamic financial model can provide a powerful tool for understanding and optimising your operations. We can develop tools to help you with predicting demand, supply chain optimisation, resourcing, and portfolio management.

Investment Modelling

A critical element of any large investment decision is a detailed model to understand the range of potential financial outcomes. Asset and funding modelling are core modules and the risk-weighted returns for stakeholders including NPV and IRR are key outputs.

Scenario Analysis

The real benefit of developing an integrated financial model is the ability to understand the impact of changes in key drivers and to test management decisions under different scenarios. Our scenario handler tool enables you to run, capture, and compare multiple scenarios.

Data Visualisation

Effective presentation of key information to stakeholders is a core element of effective commercialisation of data. We develop bespoke interactive dashboards using tools such as Power BI and Tableau, or dashboard software hosted on the cloud and embedded on your website.

Commercial Insights Case Studies

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Your Commercial Insights Experts

Our team of finance analysts are specialists in business intelligence and model development. They hold post-graduate degrees in fields including mathematics, engineering, finance, and economics. The ability to apply technical expertise with commercial acumen is a powerful combination.


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