Case study

Australasian Hospitality Industry Survey

Gaming, Hospitality

The survey provided a valuable data set for the industry to understand how operators are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Partners & Client

The survey partners included an intelligence service and an industry body with extensive networks within the hospitality and gaming industry. Customers included owners and operators of venues, and other industry stakeholders.


Forecast, along with our survey partners, identified a gap in the market to provide operational insights relating to how hospitality venues have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Data was collected via industry stakeholders, and the survey, and made available with various data analysis tools delivered through a purpose built online platform.


There were four key steps taken to deliver this project:

1 ) Survey Design

Compiled a set of carefully targeted survey questions to ensure meaningful information could be gained from an efficient number of questions.

2) Analysis of Results

Collection and data analysis of 500 survey results from hospitality venue operators across Australia and NZ. This included analysis of freely written text and transformation into a format suitable for entry into a relational database.

3) Storytelling with Data

Forecast developed key presentation tools to present the data including an infographic, a comprehensive market report and an interactive dashboard.

4) Technical Engineering Solution

  • Forecast built a full-stack web platform to host and distribute the data – this included a secure relational database on AWS for storing and retrieving user details, a Django (Python) backend to process user access and payments, and a user-friendly frontend. The platform was migrated onto a secure web domain for hosting.
  • Ability to host four tiers of user access to the data which include access to the three presentation tools and an enterprise tier which includes multi-user access to all tools.
  • Sign-in functionality for staff to view customer details. A search functionality was also required to filter and download customer and calculation details in csv format.
  • Purchase and sign-in functionality for customers to access the data and analysis tools.


The survey provided a valuable data set for the industry to understand how operators are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The technical solution provided a fully operational website with tiered user access to various data analysis tools and separate logins for customers and staff. Customers can choose between a light-weight solution such as the infographic or one in which they are able to interrogate the data extensively with the interactive dashboard. Staff can view customer details for targeted, promotional sales and marketing purposes.

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