Case study

Mining Project Evaluation Platform

Mining, Technology

The SaaS platform was revived by the UI/UX redesign, enabling users to quickly and simply develop financial models for mining operations with its cutting-edge interface. An improved user experience resulted from the combination of refined design and greater usability, which strategically positioned the client for increased success in the competitive SaaS market.


Our client is an innovative SaaS (Software as service) product specialised in providing fast project evaluation tools for the mining industry.


The client gained a handful of projects slowly in past few years. They approached Forecast to help commercialise the SaaS platform.

Forecast team evaluated the platform and made a detailed evaluation report of the usability of the software. One of the major actions following the evaluation is to launch a UI/UX improvements project to adjust the look and feel for the purpose of improving the overall usability.


Over a 4 month period Forecast team provided UI/UX design and project management support while the Client’s team implemented the software revisions. We adapted a Kanban agile development approach to manage user stories, tasks and bugs. A weekly catch-up meeting was held to update the progress of the project and discuss the major design decisions.

Forecast UI/UX consultant worked closed with the Client’s team. We use Figma as a wireframe tool to illustrate the design and communicate with the developer. The members from the two teams were constantly communicated to deliver the desirable and feasible UI features.

UI/UX Design Principles And Best Practices were used to improve the software usability:

  • Keep it simple – A simple user interface creates a better user experience.
  • Responsive design – Users can easily read and navigate on any device.
  • Intuitive interface – An interface that works exactly as the user expects it to.
  • Unity of elements – Colours, fonts, buttons, the layout structure – these design components needs to be familiar to users.
  • Optimised input forms – Forms that require a lot of information benefit from being split up into multiple steps.
  • Form data validation – Most important process of interaction between the user and the interface.


The UI/UX improvement project transformed the platform into a modern and neat looking SaaS site. The end-users will benefit from a more clean and intuitive UI that will help them easily build the financial model for their mining project.