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Online Drill Savings Calculator

Mining & Resources

The ability for customers of our client to estimate their potential commercial, operational, time and environmental savings on their mining projects using the client’s products via an interactive online calculator.


Our client is an innovative services provider for the global mining industry and offer a variety of bespoke solutions and equipment.


The client required an online platform that would host a drill savings and efficiency calculator. Potential mining customers would access the platform, input the specifications of their mining operations, and receive an instant calculation of their potential savings if they used our client’s products.

The key requirements included:

  • Easy-to-navigate calculator for potential customers to input their mine site specifications. Customers would then instantly receive a downloadable personalized pdf document with their savings results after adding their contact details.
  • Sign-in functionality for customers to run and view multiple calculations and save their results.
  • Sign-in functionality for the client to view customer’s results and details. A search functionality was also required to filter and download customer and calculation details in csv format.
  • An interactive dashboard to view general customer locations, average daily usage of the calculator and other key metrics through a variety of interactive maps, histograms, bar and line charts.


Forecast worked closely with the client to develop a full-stack platform that would meet their requirements including: a secure relational database for storing and retrieving user and calculation details, Django (Python) back-end to process calculation results, and a user-friendly front-end. The platform was migrated onto a secure web domain for hosting.


A fully operational website with user access to the calculator, instant savings results and separate logins for customers and staff. Customers can vary site parameters to achieve the greatest overall savings using client products. Staff can view customer and calculation details for targeted promotional, sales and marketing purposes.

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