Case study

Solar Quotation Tool


Forecast developed a versatile, data-driven quotation tool for a sustainability-focused engineering client, streamlining their proposal generation by integrating CRM data, customisable pricing options, and comprehensive energy savings calculations, enhancing their market responsiveness and professional appeal.


Our client is an specialised engineering and energy services provider offering solar, battery, and other solutions for a sustainable future.


Our client required a robust quotation tool that could link sales pipeline data from their CRM (Zoho) to the quotation process and provide inputs to auto-generate the quotation documents.

The model included:

  • Flexibility – The model allows the user to calculate pricing on upfront or financed payment systems, while also allowing the user to calculate a PPA contract and set up to 3 options in each proposal. A key requirement was for the tool to integrate seamlessly with their existing CRM.
  • Data – The model ingests both solar generation and energy usage data to accurately calculate the forecast reduction in grid electricity for a proposed solar system. The tool is able to import data in intervals of 15, 30, and 60 minutes for a 12-month period.
  • Calculations – Using the forecast energy savings and targeted client returns, the model calculates a PPA quote price that is appropriate for each client’s needs. The model also calculates the PPA prices for a range of time horizons so that the consumer can select the best contract for their needs.
  • Proposal Generation– The model considered an output section with the data points required to generate a proposal based on templates. The tool was able to create text, tables, charts and images to the proposal. In addition, a the model included a functionality to append different PDF files, including the proposal, simulations, system data sheets and other supporting documents.


A discussion between the Managing Director and Forecast initiated the project, and following this, regular meetings were scheduled between the project teams. Forecast worked closely with the client to develop a model that would provide the level of flexibility required to give the client a dynamic tool to streamline its proposal process. A critical part of the model was to ensure that the new tool functionality was consistent with the existing proposal documents.


The client has a robust and easy to use quotation tool enabling them to quickly create customised quotations for their prospective clients. This allows confidence in the quotation process and provides an advantage over competitors due to improved speed and professionalism.