University Dashboard: Department of Education and Training (DET), Australia data sources

The Department of Education and Training publicly publish a wide range of both financial and other metrics regarding major universities in Australia. After cleaning, standardising and integrating a number of various data tables, we were able to put together an insightful dashboard in Power BI to showcase metrics including number of student enrolments, revenue and expenses all by university and university classification.

By joining the universities across different data tables and using the inbuilt functionality of Power BI, users of the dashboard can quickly understand the drivers behind key metrics and draw insights into the various dynamics across the different university categories and states alike.

This dashboard uses functionality including dropdown options and set-up drilldown on different periods to measure on both an absolute and unit basis, the profitability of different universities across the 5-year time frame. This provides the user the ability to use drilldown and drill through functionality to gain insight into where exactly the changes derive from.

To see the report in more detail click on the “full-screen arrow” on the bottom right.

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