Forecast is excited to welcome one of Australia’s leading data science professionals to our team.

John’s wealth of knowledge and experience will add value to our clients

Forecast is excited to welcome one of Australia’s leading data science professionals, John Ward, into the team as our new Head of Analytics for Australia.

John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Forecast and is already adding value to our clients through the application of statistical and predictive analysis to improve operations and commercial outcomes.

In the last 3 months alone John and his team have been using data to optimise the logistics of raw materials for a bio-fuels facility in regional Victoria, predict passenger numbers on flights in and out of Darwin, and identify where target customers are located for a luxury car dealership in Sydney.

Forecast Director Greg Norman says “it is fantastic to have someone of John’s calibre onboard to help create Australia’s top predictive analytics consultancy”.

John Ward says “I am very excited about joining the team at Forecast, and I so look forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead of us. Over the course of my 20-year career in mathematics/data science, I have engrossed myself in numerous projects that have at their core a forecasting component.

In getting to know and understand these predictive analytical processes, I often reflected on the fact that highly specialised skills required to undertake a quantitative forecasting project were not only in high demand; but also were not that easy to find.

I see Forecast as filling an important gap in the market through the provision of specialist data science skills relating to analytical forecasting. My experience also tells me that success of any data science operations is totally contingent upon the skills of the data scientists. As Head of Data Science at Forecast, I see my core role as that of nurturing and expanding our skill base – ensuring the highest quality results for our clients. As a direct result of this role, I look forward to developing the best analytical forecasting team in Australia.”

You can reach John at [email protected] to talk about how to use data to improve your business operations