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Financial Modelling Training

Financial Services, Funds Management / PE

A structured training course to 20 client analyst staff over two full-day workshops.


Our client is a leading global independent investment bank and fund manager that provides innovative strategic advice to a diverse client base. Our client advises on corporate transactions, capital raising, and asset management.


The client required a series of training on best practice financial modelling for asset management.  The client needed to ensure their in-house analyst team had a common approach and standard for their investment and operational financial models.  The client also required technical modelling guidance on specific areas of asset management modelling, such as debt, fixed assets, leases, taxation, consolidation, and performance fee calculation techniques.


Forecast developed a bespoke training model for the client that included the principles of financial modelling and key concepts of the asset management industry as well as addressing issues that had been experienced within the group previously.


Forecast developed and delivered a structured training course to 20 client analyst staff over 2 full-day workshops.  The training was a mix of theory and practical course work using a bespoke 3-way financial statement financial model and training guide:

  • Excel Functions and Introduction to Financial Modelling
  • Interactive Model Development, including; Structure, Formatting, Time-series, Error Checks
  • Balance Sheet Modelling, including; Fixed Assets, Debt, Equity, Leases (IFRS 16)
  • Detailed Taxation Modelling, including Deferred Tax Assets and Liabilities
  • Consolidation Accounting
  • Valuation and Performance Fee Calculation
  • Model Outputs & Dashboards
  • Model Review and Finalisation

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