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Completion of the tool allowed the finance team to appraise and optimise their campaign line-up, having confidence that the forecast results are founded in actual customer level data.


Our client is the national government department responsible for promoting and developing infrastructure projects across their country, with over 100 individual projects valued at over US$200 Billion.


The client required a series of training seminars to various audiences including ministries, business leaders, banks and department staff to increase the understanding of financial structuring and public-private partnerships (PPP) for infrastructure projects in the country. The training scope included;

  • Development of a training model based on a number of proposed waste-to-energy projects,
  • The project training model needed to include; development costs and timing, operations, assets, project financing, and tax calculations to forecast project level returns,
  • Develop a PPP analysis model including identification and evaluation of risks, social externalities, Economic IRR and Value For Money calculations,
  • Development and delivery of presentation materials for various audiences.


Forecast researched both client and external materials to understand the commercial drivers and parameters of the projects in order to develop the training model. Forecast then incorporated the new model into our proprietary project finance and PPP modelling training materials to provide a customised training program for the client.

The training was a combination of Project Finance and PPP conceptual theory and a structured approach to financial modelling to accurately model the project outcomes.


Forecast delivered the materials in multiple formats including formal ministry meetings, bank and investor presentations, business leader seminars, and a 2-day interactive training workshop. The various presentations and workshops resulted in a greater understanding of the concepts and mechanics of major project finance structuring and the sharing of value between government and the private sector.

The training also provided the client with a working feasibility model that enabled them to test various high-level project structures to identify the share of value and overall project feasibility.

Forecast continued to support the client to build detailed project models for their portfolio investments as they developed.

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