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Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Quotation Tool


With this custom-built tool, our client can work quickly and accurately to generate ready-to-use PPA quotes, to reach a larger market share.


The client is a full-service energy company that focuses on creating environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.


The client’s solar division, which develops, manages and sells solar services to a range of clients, needed a tool to speed up the quotation process at the start of the scoping phase. With each client requiring a bespoke agreement tailored to their energy needs, the process of delivering a quote for proposed work was proving time consuming and difficult. With an appropriate tool now in place, the client can quickly and accurately generate ready-to-use PPA quotes and reach a larger market.


  • Proposed Solution – An Excel model with which the user can quickly enter details about the prospective client and generate a PDF formatted quote to send directly to the client.
  • Data – the model ingests both solar generation and energy usage data to accurately calculate the forecast reduction in grid electricity for a proposed solar system.
  • Calculations – Using the forecast energy savings and targeted client returns, the model calculates a PPA quote price that is appropriate for each client’s needs. The model also calculates the PPA prices for a range of time horizons so that the consumer can select the best contract for their needs.
  • Outputs – the solution generates a ready-to-use PDF quotation that can be sent directly to the client. This quote includes all the results from the calculations described above, in addition to charts showing proposed energy and cost reductions across a 25-year horizon.


The client has a robust and easy-to-use quotation tool enabling them to quickly create bespoke quotations for their prospective clients. This allows confidence in the quotation process and provides an advantage over competitors due to improved speed and professionalism.

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